Save cash and save time with storage solutions close to home.

Storing your belongings shouldn't cost an arm, a leg and a headache. Keep your valuables closer to home and save some money at the same time.

It's time to put traditional storage in its place.

Tired of looking for a storage unit in your area, only to end up driving out past the suburbs for something affordable? The units are still expensive, and the gas ain't free. Storzzy is here to bring storage prices back down to Earth and bring your cherished belongings a lot closer to home. Like, maybe even right next door.

If you're ready to do storage differently, we think you'll like what we have on offer.

How it works

How do you find storage units with Storzzy? It's easy, convenient and only requires a bit of info from you to get started!

Sign up for Storzzy
Sign up for Storzzy
Search for space near you
Search for space near you
We connect you with hosts offering affordable storage near you
We connect you with hosts offering affordable storage near you
You store your stuff and we handle the rest
You store your stuff and we handle the rest

Hello lower costs, goodbye hassle.

Looking for a more affordable storage option? Storzzy costs less because you're not paying overhead for a massive storage facility on land that's worth a pretty penny. And your neighbours have all types of space available, so you're only paying for what you need, in a spot that's way more convenient. Plus, your money stays in the community, and we think that's pretty cool.

Find the right storage space for what you have, and only pay for what you need. Easy as that.


Safe & Secure.

Wondering how safe a storage unit with Storzzy is? Well, since spaces listed on Storzzy aren't all stacked on top of each other like sardines, the chances that someone will even know your belongings are there is minimal. Secondly, if you are comfortable storing things at home, then storing them close to home with Storzzy is the next best thing. They're practically right next door, and you can check in on them as often as you and your host agree to. Plus, you don't have to enter a creepy storage facility all by your lonesome — chat with your neighbour while you grab or drop off your stuff.

Ready to store safely, securely and right near home? Check out these units available near you.

Questions & Answers

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